Vehicle Window Tint


Let our factory-trained professionals install window tinting to your vehicle. We use materials with lifetime warranties, and they block up to 99% of UVA & UVB solar rays, protecting your vehicle’s interior as well as your skin.
Besides looking great, tinting lowers interior temperatures, helping you avoid a boiling hot vehicle in the summer. In addition, it can help cut down on snow-glare in the winter.
Some people simply like an added level of privacy in their vehicles, and Shark-installed tint will give you that, as well.
Our tinting meets all required roadway and visibility standards and we stay up to date on the latest regulations.
Packages can start as low as $100, so call Shark today for your window tinting needs.

Vehicle Window Tint

So, you see a friend’s car and really like the look of it. He has cool rims and a great sound system and this awesome vehicle window tint that makes the car look like a rock star’s ride. Now you can’t live without having that car tint. Silly you! Instead of coming to a professional (like us) you decide to buy cheap window tinting and give doing it yourself a shot. The first day you roll out with your bubbled, wrinkled and crinkled mess you get another super fun surprise. Not only are people pointing at laughing at your super bad auto tint, what’s that you hear now? Police sirens? Are..are you getting pulled over now? Yep. Yet another hazard of going the do it yourself route for vehicle window tint is not knowing the laws in your area. I guess the money you saved can pay for that ticket, right?

Another problem that you might run in to with the cheap window tinting is pretty serious. Did you know that incorrectly installed window tinting can cause your windows to hold enough heat to crack or break? Or that it can concentrate enough heat inside of your car to cause damage to the dashboard, the seats and more? If you are going to have a nice car don’t use substandard tinting. Make sure that you have quality materials and that they are applied by professionals who are not only trained experts but keep up with the latest techniques and the relevant laws in your area. We can have your windows tinted the right and legal way so that you are on the road looking good and not getting pulled over. (Not getting pulled over does not protect you from tickets for speeding or for failing to use your turn signal. They are right there! Use them!)

All joking aside, it is important to know how to install car tint correctly and legally. You want it to look great without causing damage to your windows and you also want to drive without getting pulled over and ticketed. Auto tint is restricted to certain areas and certain levels of tint and that changes from place to place in Canada. Using a local shop helps you get the look and the legality right. If you have researched “car window tinting near me” and ended up here, checking us out, you are in the exact right place!

Vehicle Window Tint by Shark in North Bay, ON

Shark is located in North Bay, Ontario. We offer competitive pricing and fast, friendly service for any Window Tint packages!
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