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Franchise business owners are kind of lucky in that all of their business signs, outdoor signs and indoor directional signs are all predetermined and set by the corporate offices. When it is time for new signs, they are informed of how much they have to pay to get them, they are made and installed and that’s the end of it. Small or independent business owners have to figure out this sign stuff on their own for the most part. Unless you are a 9 year old kid with a cart in your mom’s front yard, a handmade sign on old cardboard is just not going to cut it. No one is coming in to buy food when the sign out front is folded in the middle and drooping on one corner. This is where custom signs come in to play. The right sign can increase curiosity and drive business right in through the door. Choosing the size, look and features of your outdoor signs can be a daunting task but you are in luck! If you are in the North Bay area, you have help!

One of the most important things to remember about creating custom signs is the messaging. You want to have a sign that reflects the type of business you have. You want your sign to be clear and easy to read and of course, you want it to have the right special features as well. Should your sign have lights? Should there be movement of some kind? Do you need color or should you have a more refined sign? Business signs that do not reflect the type of business or the atmosphere that the business is trying to convey is a sign that has failed.

Build a Sign in North Bay, Ontario by Shark

If you are a North Bay business owner of any size and need to update your indoor, outdoor and other signs it is time to give us a call. Let us discuss the types of signs that you need to get attention for your business. We can show you examples of what we have done in the past and listen to your ideas for the future. We can lay out signs that are simple, complex, small, large and everything in between. The goal is to give you the signs that gives your business all of the success you can imagine. Let us help you get your signs from dream stage to reality.

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