Racing Stripe Wraps

At Shark Wraps you have unlimited options to make your racing stripes just what you want! Pink Racing Stripes, Chrome, Matte or even Camo Racing Stripes are totally within your reach.
We can also accent your rocker panels, grills, mirrors, trim and bumpers with the same material!
Vinyl Racing Stripes in North Bay, ON

In addition to looking really cool did you know that racing stripes actually had a very important job back in the day? They were used to separate one car from another during auto races. The stripes were about the only way to tell the cars apart as they went whizzing around the track. There are people who are convinced that these stripes actually help the car go faster. Alright, Susan. If you think that vinyl racing stripes is going to soup up your mom-mobile you go ahead and think that. We will apply them and then you race to your heart’s content.

There are several types of vinyl racing stripes to choose from with different colors, widths and even patterns. Some are two stripes, some are three. Some have stripes of all the same width while others have a thick one surrounded by thinner ones. Most of the 3M vinyl stripes can be cut to fit your vehicle’s needs.

Most companies make two types of racing stripes: the 3M vinyl stripes that are specific to each car’s model and then the universal racing stripes. Not all car models are represented by the model specific stripes because not many people consider putting racing stripes on a minivan, for instance. In these cases, the universal racing stripes would be the perfect answer.

Like every other decal, wrap or detail that you are applying to your car, these stripes have to be applied precisely and expertly. The real struggle with stripes is that they have to be perfectly straight or they just look awful. Any deviation from a straight line is magnified and soon it will be all that you can see. One day you are driving and staring at that stripe that veers slightly off to the right and the next thing you know you have ran over 2 mailboxes and a bed of begonias. No one needs that in their lives. Unless you are possessed of steady hands and nerves of steel plus all of the tools to get those stripes on perfectly straight, perfectly centered and perfectly even, you are going to need to come to a professional. Wonder who that could be… oh wait! It’s us. Contact us (come see us, email, call us. We are not picky) and let’s discuss what you want for your vehicle. From a single stripe to a set of stripes and more, we have you covered. Now let us cover your car.

3m Vinyl Stripes in North Bay, Ontario

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