Flat Glass Tint

The use of frosted window film in commercial buildings has several benefits. Since it can be applied to even larger windows it can be the perfect solution to a pretty view that leaves everyone fighting the glare several times a day. Office window tinting North Bay companies can stand by is only one of our major services. Let’s see why getting commercial window tinting done right is so important.

Frosted Window Film in North Bay, Ontario

Commercial window tinting takes in to account the fact that the larger the window, the larger the risk factors can be. A window with tinting absorbs heat. If the tint is too dark the amount of absorbed heat can become too high and the window may break. Professionals know which windows will pose the biggest threats and can recommend the right level of tinting.

Flat glass tint or frosted window film is used on buildings of all sizes from residential to commercial. It is different from the films and tints used on cars because of the difference in the types of glass used in those applications as well as the fact that a car moves from time to time and a building does not. (If your building moves, you have bigger issues than we can help you with.)

Office Window Tinting by Shark in North Bay, ON

Frosted glass can give an upgraded appearance to a building that has seen better days without the expense of having to change out all of the windows. It is also good for adding privacy to areas that are too exposed while still allowing natural light to flow through. Office workers are like little plants- they need sunlight to grow but only in the right amounts.

Windows can be a security issue especially for buildings in areas that are not well visited at night. If no one is around, a thief is not really going to care if there is a minor breaking of glass to gain access. Good quality window film can keep the window from breaking very easily. Coupled with a super loud alarm system and you scare away an intruder with minimal damage done.


For a business it does not make sense to make Joe the maintenance man do the complicated task of adding window tint on top of everything else he has to do. That’s why for office window tinting North Bay professionals come to us, the window tinting professionals to get the job done right. Let Joe handle his other tasks, we’ve got this one.

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