The Shark Story


Our team at Shark is ready to work with you and for you, to make your vehicle unique. Customer service is a commitment the entire Shark team takes seriously. Whether we are installing a sound system or remote start, wrapping your commercial or personal vehicle in vinyl, or providing paint protection, or window tinting, we want you to feel great about working with the professionals at Shark.
And of course, our work with vehicle vinyl and signage has expanded to vinyl building signage, storefront window displays, roll-up banners and other promotional items, so we’ve got you covered that way as well.
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Dylan Allison


Dylan Allison has a passion for cars, cars and more cars. He’s re-built them, sold them, loves working on them everyday at Shark, and he even collects them.

His personal vehicle collection has included some sweet rides, such as:

  • A 1982 Camaro
  • A 1984 Impala
  • A 1986 Lincoln
  • His Current Mistress is his 1967 Impala Convertible

His co-workers describe him as “fantastic at customer service, a great family man, and a hockey lover,” which tells you he’s a pretty solid guy.

Strangely enough he does NOT watch NASCAR, but in his downtime he likes to camp, fish, drive, collect tattoos and attend live concerts.

Phill Orton


Phill has a very special set of skills, and if you need service on your vehicle, he will find you and he will exceed your expectations. Okay, he stole that from a movie, but it’s all true!

Phill is always up for a new challenge. He describes himself as a “hands on & get it done type of guy,” but he’s got a business background to go along with his hands-on skills. He used to own a software development company, and selling its products took him to spots across most of North America and around the globe.

It was all that travelling that instilled a desire to come home and set up shop here in North Bay. His co-workers describe him as “hard working, fun, and family oriented,” which is warm and fuzzy, but also true.

Shark is located in North Bay, Ontario. We offer competitive pricing and fast, friendly service!
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