Chrome & Metallic Wraps

A car whizzes past and for a moment you see your own face reflected back, eyes wide, jaw agape. You can’t believe what you are seeing. It is like a perfectly shined mirror has managed to speed past you and now you cannot live with yourself if you don’t find out how they managed to accomplish it. Was it magic? Was it some Hollywood trick? Nope. My friend, you have probably spotted an example of chrome car wraps. Aren’t they amazing?

Much as the name implies, chrome vinyl wraps are meant to look like chrome and are very reflective. There are plenty of options as far as color and style goes. You can even have a gold chrome wrap and make your car look like a certain, famous robot. Silver is another popular choice in chrome vinyl wraps and gives that super shiny, mirror like look that caught your eye. Chrome car wraps give your car the look of super shiny metal without the added weight or the insane difficulty of adding that much chrome. Vinyl wraps are great because they work better in corners and lines than actual metal would.

All joking aside, it is important to know how to install car tint correctly and legally. You want it to look great without causing damage to your windows and you also want to drive without getting pulled over and ticketed. Auto tint is restricted to certain areas and certain levels of tint and that changes from place to place in Canada. Using a local shop helps you get the look and the legality right. If you have researched “car window tinting near me” and ended up here, checking us out, you are in the exact right place!

The black chrome wrap is a similar concept but in black. Think of a dark mirrored surface or the surface of a deep lake on a very dark night. It has an almost dangerous appeal. Applied like the other chrome or metallic vinyl wraps, the black chrome wrap is one that will get you noticed no matter where you are going.

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: applying vinyl wraps of any kind can be tricky. It takes precision work, the right skill set and patience. Sometimes it even takes a wee bit of luck. If you are lacking in any of those areas then a do it yourself kit is not going to save you a penny, especially if you end up having to either tear off everything you just put on to try again (with a whole new kit) or bring it to a shop to have it done right. You can save that time, money and struggle and get the exciting car finish that you have dreamed of by coming to see us. Set up a consultation and let’s talk about your wildest fantasy car. Then let’s work together to come up with something doable and reasonable for your car and then let’s get that car looking like something out of a magazine. We’re game. Are you?

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