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12 Volt Solutions

12 Volt Solutions installed Shark in North Bay, ON

There are a lot of remote car starter systems out there. They have a lot of similar items but a lot of differences as well. There are different price points between each system and there is never a way to say that 1 company is better than another across the board. Sometimes it comes down to the littlest details. Sometimes it simply comes down to personal preferences. That’s why we do a range of different starters and other products from different brands and companies. One that we frequently install is called 12 Volt Solutions. There are a lot of starters and products to choose from with this company.

Did you know that 12 Volt Solutions was voted the #1 online source for remote starters? We think that is awesome and just reinforces the fact that this is a great product line to offer to our customers. See, we can offer great service and work on your vehicle no matter what you want but without great products all of our work is kind of wasted time. We like when we get to work with good stuff and do it well. Our customer like when they get good stuff, good service and not have to keep coming back because things are not quite right. That’s no good. That won’t work.

One of the 12 Volt Solutions North Bay residents might be interested in is the 2 way remote starter. Most remote starters are either 1 way or 2 way. There are variations among these but for now we are going to focus on the basics. A 1 way starter sends a message from the remote to the car telling it to start or to do the other available functions. However, a 2 way remote starter will send a message back to you that confirms that the car has started, is heating/cooling or whatever your command was. That confirmation is a little bit of peace of mind for you and one less thing you have to worry about.

Let us show you which 12 Volt Solutions North Bay friends and neighbors are installing on their vehicles and discuss whether these are right for your car or not. You can get starters that work with your smartphone as well as long range remote starters, basic starters and more. All of them are easy to use and we can have your system installed and ready to roll in no time.

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