Security Film

How does a burglar get in to your house? The answer is the easiest and fastest way possible. If he can walk in to to your front door, that’s the way he is getting in at least according to the statistics. The second most common way for a thief to get in to your home is through a first floor window. But, what if you could keep that bad guy from breaking your window and protect your family from broken glass in other scenarios as well? Security film helps to protect from broken glass by making the window stronger. Not only does the average thief take one crack at a window and run you can save yourself the damage and the expense from natural disasters as well. While damaging wind and hail have busted out the windows at the neighbor’s, your security film has helped you avoid that fate.

Security Film by Shark in North Bay, ON
Films can be applied in residential homes as well as businesses. Many businesses would benefit from even a small boost in their security. Adding commercial glass film as a precaution can prevent losses from weather or from crime. Commercial glass film, like the window tints for home can be plain, reflective or designed to mimic the look of the business and add appeal to the building.


In addition to helping increase the overall security, you can get privacy film that works so well you don’t have to use curtains and drapes. This is great for people who like a more minimalist approach to home decor. People who have cats and small children may also love the idea of skipping the drapes so that there are no climbing hazards to deal with. The benefits of privacy film go beyond the obvious though because there are patterns and designs that can make it a focal point in any room.

Commercial Glass Film by Shark in North Bay, ON
Here’s an interesting fact to consider: people rarely notice things like windows and doors unless they are really stunning or there is a problem with them. If they are reasonably clean and working correctly we pay them no mind. If the window is allowing a glare or seems to be focusing heat into the room, then we notice. Let us help you figure out how to keep the hot and cold balanced out, your privacy and security on maximum and keep the look of your home or building in the process. We can help you pick the right window tint for all of your needs.


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