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Your vehicle has been decked out from stem to stern. You’ve upgraded the exterior, added a new sound system and now you are done. Or are you? Did you remember to check out the tire & rim packages to see if maybe you want to make some changes there? Do you think you might want to change or upgrade some of your personal or commercial trucks with truck caps, back racks or covers? Do you have all of the trailer accessories that you need? Keeping your vehicles looking and sounding good is a never ending cycle of upgrading and improving. It is important to always assess your needs.

For commercial trucks the need to be able to haul tools and equipment is important but a truck bed often leaves items exposed to the weather and potential loss. Truck caps are one way of being able to cover equipment, tools and other supplies and come in a number of styles. All can be color matched to the vehicle and work well under most situations. For vehicles that carry big and bulky items that may not fit in these caps or under tonneau covers, there are back racks. These racks are designed to allow items to be securely fastened down in the back of the truck but do not add height or width to the vehicle itself. This can be important especially for people who are trying to get in to parking structures. Some racks fold down when not in use although not all are designed to do that. Many can be installed and used even with a cover in place.

If you are using a trailer for the first time you might be shocked at the number of trailer accessories that you might need to buy. From the lights, signals, wiring and hardware to hitches and everything else, you want to make sure that your trailer is safe, secure and legal on the road before you drive away with it.

No matter what you need for your car or truck of any shape, size or model, we have you covered. Come and check out our tire & rim packages, color solutions, sound systems and more. Let us help you find everything for the vehicle of your dreams. There are few limits on what we can help you accomplish. If you can see it in your mind, let’s see if we can’t get it drawn out, mapped out and then applied. Let us wow you with what we can do.

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