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Indoor business signs play a number of important roles in your company’s appearance. A sign that proudly displays your company name and/or logo can set the tone for everyone that works there and for everyone that is just coming in for the first time. It can be the very first impression that a person gets of your business so it is going to have to be a good one. Commercial signs are used for many purposes throughout the building including giving directions and current locations as well as other information. They should all have some connection to one another. For example if some of your business signs are fancy and the others are more informal, the message you are sending is one of confusion. It is almost like you are saying that you are not sure of who you even are as a business. That’s never good.

Commercial signs should have the same or similar coloring themes throughout the entire building. A logo does not need to be used on every single sign but should be present on any of the larger signs. Signs that are used as “greetings” or that are prominently located should also have your company’s logo on it. If you don’t have a logo, there is never a better time to design one than when you are getting ready to build a sign. North Bay company owners can come to us to help with their sign and other design needs. We are ready to get that job done for you. We can help you through every step of the process so that you are thrilled with the final product even if it is only a single sign for now.

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During our consultation we are going to want to sit down and talk to you about your business and the impression that you want to give to new and returning customers. Before we can build a sign for you, we need to know the type of messaging that you are going to be going for. From there, we can work closely together creating the signs that you need based on sizes, colors and even shapes and materials. There are few limits to the types of signs that we can create. We want to be the ones that North Bay business owners come to for all of their sign needs. Contact us and let’s get started on the first step of this journey.

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