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Camo Car Wraps North Bay

Here is something interesting about camouflage: when the military uses it is to hide until they are ready to strike. When a hunter wears it, the goal is to sneak up on prey. But, when it comes to camo vehicle wraps it is used to get attention! Camo truck wraps are one of the most popular styles of vinyl wraps and there are many different patterns to choose from right here in North Bay, ON. Whether you are wrapping your whole car or truck or just part of it, you want the best patterns and the best application.

Truck camo wraps do have a level of forgiveness for the do it yourself thanks to the pattern, but that doesn’t mean that poor application won’t come back to haunt you at some time. Sure, you won’t be able to see those imperfections in camo truck wraps but those little mistakes can prove costly in the long run. Seams that don’t line up, air bubbles, wrinkles and other issues are flaws that can lead to peeling. Rain, snow and ice can get in those little areas and cause bigger areas to lift off. There are many different things that can happen to the finish of the wrap if they are not expertly applied. Some patterns do need to be lined up just right or they end up looking just wrong!

Camo vehicle wraps can be your way of showing that you are an outdoor enthusiast. Let everyone know that you are a big game hunter, a super fisherman or an all around mountain man even if you don’t get out in the woods as much as you would like. If you want to go whole hog you can pair the truck camo wraps of your choosing with wraps for your boat and other vehicles as well. Wrap your mailbox if you want. Sorry, you might have to do that one on your own. I don’t think anyone here has ever wrapped a mailbox in camo vinyl wrap. You can ask, we might actually do it.

Come and discuss camo patterns with us. Let us show you the examples and patterns that we can do and then move on from there. You’ll be glad that you went with a professional when the job is done and everyone is admiring the vehicle that technically they are not supposed to see! You can bring your mailbox if you like. Who knows, maybe that will be a whole new trend that we get started. Shark located in North Bay Ontario can help you out. Call us today at 705-476-6566

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