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So, your plan is to enjoy the natural areas of North Bay via your ATV. What you would like to have though is an ATV sound system so that you can have some tunes while you are at it. Maybe use that same system to set the mood when you stop at a lovely spot for a bite to eat during the course of the day or what have you. Here’s the thing: an ordinary sound system is just not going to cut it in this situation for a lot of reasons.

If you are familiar with riding an ATV you know it is a jostling, bouncy activity that is not meant for the faint of heart or weak of bladder. There are going to be major bumps that threaten to unseat you. That’s part of the fun of riding them. There is that wind in the hair rush but also the inherent sense of impending doom that really gets the ol’ heart pumping. An ATV sound system has to be tough enough to handle everything that the ride is going to throw at it from the rough conditions, the exposure to all of the elements and more. The very first ride would be enough to damage or destroy a lesser system.

Some of the requirements for a good ATV stereo system include durable and weatherproof housing and high quality speakers designed for this type of use. They must be labeled as ATV speakers or you are going to end up bumping them out of use pretty quickly. Another requirement is the installation. If you don’t have the right install on the system that you have settled on you aren’t going to get the sound quality that you want nor are you going to have the longevity that you need. Unless you plan on replacing the ATV stereo system every few months, you want a good one with better than good installation.

Let us help you get your ATV hooked up with the right system, ATV speakers and everything else audio before you head out to the trails on your next adventure. We know our stuff so we can help you decide between the different systems and then hook it up for you, the right way. Don’t waste your whole afternoon under your ATV trying to figure out where each wire goes when you could be off and riding with your favorite tunes instead.

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