Charles stuart Harley
Charles stuart Harley
Great place staff nos what they bare doing
Raymond and Heather Peake
Raymond and Heather Peake
They did a great job in removing a car wrap that my firm A Farber and Partners Inc had put on my minivan! My kids are happy that the "Live Debt Free" wording is now off our family vehicle. Haha. Also, they fixed my car starter for free. Thanks guys!
Would highly recommend, got my windows tinted and they turned out great. The first time they tinted them I noticed a couple imperfections and they fixed it up for me no problem. Excellent customer service.
mickey hayman
mickey hayman
Pamela Allison
Pamela Allison
had a remote start, PPF Paint protection and window tint installed on my new vehicle, it was done quickly, efficiently and cleanly, all while employing a strict zero contact policy during the height of cover. very happy, highly recommend!
Ally Du
Ally Du
What amazing customer service. Answered my questions very professionally and then ask question about my vehicle, witch showed interested in having me like there customer. thank you for that friendly voice and cant wait for my appointment next week :):)
Hubert Shank
Hubert Shank

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Everyone wants their car to stand out in a crowd. If you are a business person looking to get your company name in front of the most people or just a loyal fan of the local sports team there are some pretty cool ways to spread the word. From vehicle wraps to custom truck graphics and beyond – we have got you covered. All of the auto accessories that you can ever need are right here. Let us help you choose the right one for your car or truck and then expertly install it for you!


    Let’s Get it Started: Remote Starters in North Bay, ON

    Remote Starters by Shark in North Bay, ON

    Did you know that remote starters have been around for roughly 50 years or so? True, the first ones on the market were pretty limited and very expensive but from those humble beginnings came changes in technology. Fast forward to today where you can have starters that you can access through your smart phone if you want. Whether you use a more traditional key fob to start and unlock your car or a phone app, the benefits are huge.

    First, there is safety. You know you can lock and unlock most cars with the buttons on your ignition key. But, what if you could also do things like disable the car completely or turn up the radio to completely throw off a would be burglar? Most car thieves want a car they can hop in, hot wire and make a quick get away with. They do not want to have to deal with a possible confrontation. Anything that you can do to spook them while staying safely away from a criminal is a bonus.

    Second, there is comfort. No one wants to head out in the early morning hours to a frosty cold car. Now imagine sitting there drinking your morning coffee while your car does the work of getting warm and toasty without you even having to set foot out the door. Do the same with the AC in the summer time and you won’t have to burn your bum when you leave work for the day no matter what crazy temperature the outside world decides to be.


    I Can See You, or Can I?  Window Tints for Everyone

    Shark Window Tint North Bay

    Another great way to update a car or truck is with a window tint. Tinting can also play a major role in protecting your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays that can crack dashboards and fade interiors. While there are do it yourself window tint kits, you should know that not only do you get what you pay for you could also be setting yourself up for a whole lot more expense down the road.

    Done poorly, your tinting could come out bubbled, lumpy and just weird looking. You might also accidentally buy the wrong type of tint and either cause damage to your windows or get yourself in legal trouble. Every province has different rules about the level of tints so if you are going to do it yourself at least do some research before you get started. Fines, plus the cost of getting the tint removed can add up quickly.

    Improperly applied window tinting can also hold in heat and may cause your windows to shatter. It is easier and cheaper at the end of the day to have the pros do it. You know what they say: if you want something done right go to an expert first.

    Did you know that damage to your windows caused by improperly applied tinting is not covered by your car’s insurance, even if you get the glass protection add on? You will end up covering the cost of replacing your car’s window entirely on your own and there goes every bit of what you thought you were saving by doing it yourself and then some. For your own safety and protection let someone who knows what they are doing handle the safety tinting.


    That’s a Wrap: Car Wraps for Every Occasion

    Vehicle wraps can be small or big and bold. You can wrap the whole car if you want. If you have a design in mind or need some help creating one, we have you covered and with just a bit of time we will have your car covered too! There are few limits to what you can put on your car or truck. Add your business logo and contact information and then hit the town for some up close and personal marketing. Show your support for a politician, the school of your choice or a favorite sports team in bold, colorful graphics right on your car or truck.

    No matter what kind of car wraps you are looking for, you can get them expertly applied without damaging your car’s finish with us. Bring your own designs or let us custom create one for you.

    Get it Done Right, the First Time

    No matter what kind of detailing or auto accessory you want, we are the one stop place to get them done. We can have your vehicle wrapped and ready to roll in no time. People will not be able to look away from your message, no matter what the message might be. If you need tinting for your windows, we have you covered. If you want to start your car so that you are never cold in the winter or hot in the summer; we can do that too. Check out our website. Give us a call. Come check us out in person. We can help you decide what is right for your car or truck whether it for personal or professional use. Let us help you stand out from the crowd, get the vehicle that turns heads and gets your message across.

    Make sure that you and your ride are ready for whatever your plans are this year. Get wrapped, tinted and geared up now before the season gets away from you. We are a call, a click or a drive away. Let us know what you need today.

    Vehicle Car Wraps by Shark in North Bay, ON