Commercial Tint

Commercial Window Tinting
Commercial window tinting is often more important than what is used for other vehicles for a number of reasons. It is important to know how the commercial window tint laws can affect your trucks, vans and other vehicles especially if you have a large fleet. You should also know the difference between the ratings of the films before making a choice. As always, commercial tinting should be done by qualified professionals to prevent any damage to your windows down the road.
One way window film provides a number of benefits. First, it keeps people from seeing inside of the vehicle, for instance when it is parked at a job site and is being left unmonitored. Second, it reduces the glare from the sun so that the driver has better vision. This also keeps the inside vehicle temperatures much cooler and comfortable. In addition to reducing the sun’s glare, there is a reduction in the more dangerous rays from the sun which protects against skin cancer. Adding one way window film can also protect the interior of the vehicle from damage which will keep its resale value high.


Commercial window tinting is done in much the same way as any other type of window tint with the only difference being that it is a commercial vehicle. Although this is very general, there are few differences in commercial vehicle window tint laws. Before getting this done, check with the laws. A good shop will know the laws for your province however if you travel frequently it is good to know the laws anywhere you might go. These vary by province with most using similar standards for both personal and professional vehicles. Those include how much tinting is allowed on the front windows as well as on the back of the vehicle.
Because it is a commercial vehicle, you do not want to use substandard materials or application methods. What kind of message would you send to your customers if your vehicle did not its very best? Commercial tinting should only be done by highly qualified people at a well-established shop. Luckily for you, that’s us! We can get you the window tinting and heat control window film that will have your entire fleet, (big or small) safe, secure and comfortable for the whole year. Window tinting is only one of the many services we can handle for your business so check us out.
Commercial Window Tinting

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